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Default Hello Everyone!

Just joined finally this evening. Wanted to say hello to all of you guys and thank you for this forum. I hope to learn a great deal here.

I've always been okay at art, never went to any kind of school for it and unfortunately at this stage in my life I don't and won't have time for school to really delve into this art of engraving.

That said, I learn fairly quickly and once I get into something it becomes an obsession until it ain't...I respect this field a great deal, especially because of the fact that there is so little information about it anywhere its almost a secret!

Where I live I've done countless search's online trying to figure out how to engrave something other than using a stupid dremmel. Just finding out the name of the tool, a graver, took a lot of time.

So, thank you all.
With respect,
Sal (tory) Marino
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