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Default Re: Newbie Introduction and Questions

Originally Posted by Mjjung View Post
Because of medical reasons, I only do stock removal which is why a hardened blade is in the cards. Bolsters are feasible if it suits the knife style. Palm push is a “getting use to it” phase. Will practise on mild steel off cuts. Eventually I will
move to a PC. MS and diabetes give me peripheral neuropathy in the hands limit palm push and two ACL reconstructions in the right knee plus the neuropathy in the feet rule out a foot pedal.

Thanks for the info. And tks for setting me right on necessaries for the template. As far as hardened steel, would carbide gravers used tenderly work?

As a reetiree, time is available, no schedule, no duties anymore. I did too many 12+ hours during my 30+years active duty.

I reckon a palm control would be a better option for you.
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