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:whoo: Gentlemen, Thank you for your THOUGHTS. I think we are "STARTING" to get some GOOD insight into this ????:yesnod: :yesnod:
MORE !!!

But before I add my simplistic thoughts, here some more to consider.

The next 2 pictures are pistols that were made for specific individuals & have a documented province.

1.This gun is one of a pair that was carried by Major Pitcairn @ Lexington, & poss. @ Bunker Hill ( Amer. Rev. War ) --- ( Note -- there is some controversy, but this is not the place to discuss this.) It was also carried by an Amer. officer ( as a spoil of war )

2. This Pistol was made for high NW Co. Official, William McGillway, ( Montreal Canada ) By Jn. Murdoch of Doune.

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