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Let me see here if I can simplify what puffer is saying , if I understand him correctly .
We know that these items and the styles used have changed through the years .
In todays world , we see things that we like and we simply replicate them because we like the looks .

However what this does is take the item completely out of context for how and why the item was displayed or used . For example lets say we like the common English style of engraving that’s been posted in this thread . Would this be correct on one of the pistols puffer has so graciously posted ?

IMO while it would most certainly be nice , it would take the item completely out of context .
The same could be said for using the same type of engraving on say an American mad rifle of the mid 18th century . Most certainly again the work would be wonderful but it would not be correct for a time period and place where the engraving had change to a very simple , often time crude type of work . wouldn’t it be as out of place as using that simple type of engraving on a depiction of a higher end English or French serving platter or other item .

So by looking back we can see these changes and if we understand that in their context they are very much different . In doing that research we also can explain to the costumer how a given item may have been used and somewhat the context of that use , as well as all the fascinating history surrounding that item .
I think to often we in today’s world forget that we are tomorrows history . 200 years from now someone could very well be looking back at a item we did our work on and asking the very same thing by saying :WOW look at this . What made the change , how did this work change , how did they do that , how does the type of work fit into the scheme of changing times .
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