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This next series of posts will show a few examples of the Engraver's art on the Highland Scottish All Metal pistol CANVAS.

All the pictures are from, museum sites, Auction sites, private collections, & m any from individuals who have over time sent me examples ( such as Pete 2@ Middlesex Village Trading Co. ) For those interested, here is an example of a site

As I indicated before, all the surviving pistols ( I know of ) EXCEPT some of the British Gov. Issue, had some engraving on them.

The first series are pistols that I "classify as "PLAIN" & would have been available to those who could afford a pistol ( few were. Although the "clan chiefs" did supply some ) or in the case of some of the "nicer" ones, the "middle Class ??

Note, you will notice the engraving is "faint" on 2 of these pictures. Many of the surviving examples of the "plainer" pistols seem to be in this condition. These guns were used & show the wear. Also COULD the engraving it'self been at fault ???
Take a look & PLEASE comment on the aforementioned ??? (previouse post)

Thank you for your help

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