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I just received an email that I feel that I should share both the ?? & my answer.
??? - " Puffer, why the tag name and the avatar ? "

Answer - The reason for the "tag name" was NOT to hide my IDENTITY. I used it simply out of habit. And when I initially started to post, I had no idea that I would become as involved as I have.:smilie5:

I exist in 2 worlds
1. The every day world ( work ( $ = paying the bills ), research, training ( firearms instructor & Range Safety Officer , etc.) Here I go by my given name JACK W. ENGLUND
2. The "Black/Powder Muzzle Loading" world. ("My major "hobby") It is here ( At events, on the web, etc ) that I am Known as PUFFER. Even my close friends, most often address me as Puffer, instead of Jack.:yesnod:
BTW - "name tags" are either ones the individual choses or are given to them by others in the "community" They fall into basic types,
a. Discribes the person
b. "highlights a SPECIFIC character trait, or highlights an "embarrassing moment." :sbrug: I have a few that fall into this catagory And NO!! Chas. ( & the others looking @ this, from the BP/ML) this is not a licence to disclose the other names :doh: :laughing:

Oh, yes, the AVATAR. I chose this from is a series of photos that were taken a couple of years ago, @ a "major" event. Here I was doing what I often do ( & enjoy !!!) SHARING what little I know with others ( in this case, a group of "newbes", standing in the typical PNW "drizzle" listeng to the "Old Man" go on"
Here is another picture, of me doing this ( in this case the 2 on the right, in the picture, are respected Historical researchers & presenters from Ft. Nisqually ( a reconstructed Hudson Bay Co. Post )

I realize that this is TOTALLY off subject SORRY !!!

Puffer ( aka - JACK )
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