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Originally Posted by charles starks
well isnt that the real point ? to learn alot . with out having a strong base , without knowing from which one comes , without knowing the past we are all distended to simply keep re inventing the wheel and thinking we were the first to do so .
when someone asks about the art we do i think its a very good thing to be able to exsplain its roots , from where it comes.
if not then really are we not just making copies of copies ?
Just a couple of additional thoughts.

NOTE Danny, I hope that what I am about to say, will not offend you or any other individual that is following this thread ,but I felt that it might help explain why I am humbly offering the info I am, & why I am asking for assistance in the areas I did.

I. The PURPOSE of the ???? Chas. posed ( as I understand it.) The ??? challenged me, & in order to try to "answer" I personally need to follow the trail that have described in my prior posts. I realize that I may have bored some, BUT I have personally been excited by being able to pursue this. It has opened a WHOLE NEW WORLD to me. The world of ENGRAVING.

2. My personal involvement in the crafts & providing them to the consumer.
A. Black Powder/Muzzle loading & to some extent Scottish.
B. The craftsmen, that I have the pleasure to be associated with are some of the best in their fields.:WHO: They range from Gun makers ( Chas. is one ) Blade makers, Leather craftsmen, wood workers, clothing ect. The two things these craftsmen have in common,
1. VERY high quality products.
2. Attention to detail & representation of the customers requirements.
This requires RESEARCH.
Here is an example. I recently mentioned that I REALLY hoped some day to have a "custom made" Dagger/Dirk. (note, these cost $$$$ & in order to finance this "desire, I was going to have to sell a few things. ) BUT 2 individuals in my local club, stated that they would like to provide me with one as a "PROJECT ( :WHO: Friends are where it's at ) The thing was, neither of these men had experience in this genre.
a. The blade & handle ( as I pictured before ) is somewhat complicated & the knife maker needed to do a LOT of research, both as to style, but also the techniques in making it.
b. The sheath also posed some challenges to the man who was going to craft it, & again, research was required.

I guess the major ?? is, what customer base are we addressing. The general (uninformed) or those who wish a quality product.
here is an example of my take on this
This Sporran is a common type offered The cost is appox. $200.00

This picture is one that I made recently made ( note the "rifleman's "badge is not shown as it would be mounted nor is it the one actually used. (it is an inexpensive example.) The cost to the customer (he provided the actual "badge used ) $250.00 ( the main fur is Beaver & the other is a red fox tail .

Thank you for your forbearance & allowing me to share

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