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to go along with Puffers examination of Celtic items , here is some examples from the Book of Kells showing how the Knots and layouts on a couple items were done .

puffer. i sent steve the two photos that i lost so they should be back up shortly .
thanks for your help here Mr Lindsay.

I would also bring up something about the English and their for lack of batter word , holding .
Because they did range so far in their trade , their work carries influences from many different contacts . So its not uncommon when we look closely at these early works to see those influences . So most certainly while the English effected the art and cultures of those other areas , they themselves also were greatly effected . Maybe to the point of losing a lot of cultural individualisms concerning art

I also think that when we look at other countries that had less world contact , their art including engravings hold more of a cultural individuality which appears to not be diluted to the existent of the larger more traveled nations of the time
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