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All of the pics are now hosted on the site except for these. If you can figure out what the pics were please just email them and I'll update the URLs. There is a lot of good information in this thread!

page 7, post 64 (2 pics missing) Charles Starks 1163445.jpg 1163448.jpg ( I believe they were the spoon pics)
page 12, post 111 (1 pic missing) Puffer Untitled-ccpost1.jpg
page 15, post 145 (2 pics missing) Puffer MacLeodPistolRightFull.jpg untitled.jpg
page 16, post 152 (2 pics missing) Puffer LocationBritishIsles.png map.jpg
page 16, post 153 (4 pics missing) Puffer normal_evans20basket202.jpg Big-Early-Basket.jpg untitled.jpg Untitled-1llll.jpg
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