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Hi Puffer, the reason I tried to correct your listing of the British Isles is that I happen to be English (and proud of it) and you made the mistake of listing England as Britain which it is not. For better or worse the English have dominated these islands and I think you were trying to say that the biggest influences on culture since the middle ages and until the Act of Union were English not British. I agree that Scottish arts and crafts have followed their own evolution but what I was trying to point out was the cross-cultural influences which are evident due to the fact that the British have travelled and traded far and wide and not just huddled on their island.

This is a fascinating thread and Puffer, thank you very much for your contribution; I'm eager to see where it goes. Unfortunately, like Big Un I can't see some of the pictures either (dumped by Photobucket) which is very disappointing.
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