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Originally Posted by Marcus Hunt
Hi Puffer,

Secondly, Britain being a sea going nation, and having been invaded countless times during it's history, has many influences in it's arts. For example, that which is considered 'Celtic' has influences/cross overs in the Pictish and Viking arts.

This, IMHO is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in the question that we are locking at. Not only in relationship to The "British Islands" but in any discussion, trying to understand the dynamics (creation, acceptance, demise & resurgence, of it's arts.

My next "major" post is going to present a "UNIQUE" "CANVAS" That one form of ENGRAVING that the Highland Scots used. Then I will present some of that ENGRAVING.

It is my HOPE, that you individuals, who are engravers will by
1. Identifying the motifs, & styles
2. the possible influences
3. The techniques

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