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Have you any very close-up pictures of the Tara Broach? We know that it is small, and I have studied it from outside its glass case in Dublin, but the best photos I have in books do not do justice to the detail , especilally the wound gold wire ornamentation.
Now there is a good example. The item is small , its very VERY old a person would need very good eyes with no magnifying equipment to do that item. Hopefully someone will have a good clear photo they can post .

Ok lets see puffer , I think im following you here .
What im getting is that while many of the Scottish items have English influences , they are also an application all in their own .most certainly concerning the knots and intricate styles which seem to not have followed the same demise as other forms during that time period .

also it seems that these works also were more in the hands of common folks as well as the wealthy
would that be correct .

I would also say that there seems to be a resurgence in these styles recently for decorations .
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