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As I "promised, I would start posting my " Core thoughts" on the "general ?? we are considering. I will be posting this in "bite size segments" starting with an over view. & ending ( ???) with the engraving itself.

Some things I HOPE you will conceder.
1. PLEASE bear with me.
a. I am not an authority in any of the areas I am addressing. I am only sharing what I see. Plus even that is what others have assisted me in.
b. I will be starting out with "history" which I realize, many of you may not be interested in, BUT i feel is a VERY important part of the ?? Hopefully, some of you will agree ( or disagree) with me & contribute your thoughts.
c. I am posting this to LEARN ( not to assist Chas. in "winning :smilie5:

I. In order to understand the development ( rise & decline etc) of an art form ( which engraving is ) understanding the "Culture (historical time frame etc.) is crucial.
II. Because of the immensity of the task, I have decide to narrow it down to a very small, bite size segment.
A. W. Europe then to the "British Islands" ( mid 1600-late 1700 ) Here is a map
1. The British Islands, were basically segmented into 4 general areas. Wales, Ireland, Scotland, & Britain. Each had it's own culture ( one, Scotland had 2 distinct cultures. Lowland & Highland. )
B. The next step was to narrow it down farther - Scotland.
2. As I mentioned above, Scotland had 2 distinct cultures ( Lowland & Highland) Here is a map of the 2 geographical locations.
missing pics

a.some pertinent thoughts on the Lowland culture
1. The culture was basically "British" -- Language was "British ( Scots English )(the "educated spoke French also) -- ( note, "British "culture was primarily their own adaptation of French # @ times "German influences) Clothing was "British -- Art was "British" -- Weapons were "British" Etc.
2. The Economic POWER was located here.
3. The Political POWER was here ( a side note that may "shock you ) is that the 4 major heros in Scottis history, were LOWLANDERS ( The Bruce, Wallace, James Douglas ( the Black Douglas) & "Bonney Prince Charles")

I am going to take a break hre, PLEASE comment. The next post will be the HIGHLANDERs

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