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Default Hello!

Hey everybody,
i have been a lurker on here for for a while now, very impressed with the standard of work on here. Thought it was about time i finally introduced myself properly & told you a little about myself..

Well, my name is Al, I am 24 and live in a small seaside town in Ireland.
I have always had an interest in traditional crafts, though i have only researched or read about most of them, never really tried anything. After researching silversmithing & hand engraving, i put an ad online a while ago and was lucky enough to be offered a placement by a very very awesome guy
I'l be jetting over to the states for a while in 3 weeks time to start what will hopefully be the beginning of my lifelong career! I know that the worlds economical state isn't perfect for this sort of thing right now, but i'm perfectly happy to wait it out

At the minute i have just been doing some designs and lots of reading so that i can hopefully have a grasp on some of the stuff that i will hopefully be able to learn in the future..

On here is amazing, i hope to learn lots from you guys, and i'm gonna warn you now that i will probably ask lots of questions, so i hope i don't bug you too much!

Anyways, Hey
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