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Default Re: On-line old engraving books

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. My wife is a website designer/developer and she gave me some incite to this problem. This problem is two fold. 1. Google has a list of all of the webhosting server IP's that run tunnelers,IP hiders and proxy's and they block them. Thanks for the links Vilts that will help most of the users here, but not all of us. 2. These links only help if you are in an "Google approved country". That being said, it is a pain in the butt for those of us that are not. Steve L. thanks for the server link for the (drawing the acanthus book) I know what a pain it is to upload to the server and not have it get corrupted or have the site go completely haywire. I used the link with no problems. My suggestion is this. Those members that have it downloaded be willing to e-mail them to those that cant get it. I have family in the states that cant figure it out to send to me. The other option is to plead with Steve L. to upload the others to the server, I for one will be forever in your debt if you do, as I am sure the rest will. I am a security consultant working in Costa Rica, I have a San Jose IP address and get blocked all of the time on Google .com. Also we have customs people who cant tell a submarine propeller from a ball vise. I have had $3000 in tools get confiscated at customs thus far. I will be here on contract for 14 months more and will be going back to the NW in BC. Then I can re order tools and get started. For now I'm just trying to get proficient at designing a good looking scroll and leaf, so all these books are worth their weight in gold to me.

Thanks all.