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Default Re: Lindsay Classic or gravermach for brightcut work?

Brian and Steve
Thanks so much for such a quick response. This is just what I needed! Brian that buckle is beautiful, truly no chatter at all. Steve thanks so much for taking the time to explain the details so well. I have been so impressed with the willingness of folks here to share such hard won expertise. A good friend of mine expressed this generosity of spirit when he would say, "when it rains all boats rise." For years I have wanted to work the design motifs that I have developed in leather into silver and perhaps steel. I've been most interested in single point engraving, but as I picked up a set of old push gravers I started playing around with bright work and have become more and more intrigued. Now I want to do more of both. I haven’t had so much fun since my first fledgling cuts with a swivel knife many, many years ago!

Steve, I live in Cody, WY. I would love to try out a classic if there is someone close by with one who would be willing. If not that’s o.k. I've already placed a classic with foot control in a shopping cart over on the commercial site. I just have to put together the folded green.
Thanks, Gordon
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