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Question Re: Lindsay Classic or gravermach for brightcut work?

I've been cruising in the background here for several months. I'm a saddle maker just starting out with engraving.
I'm currently using a borrowed gravermax, but have been thinking of buying a classic air graver. Someone recently told me that the idle on a Lindsay tool makes brightcut more difficult as the tool never entirely stops vibrating. I recently tried out an Omega. The idle seemed a bit dis-concerting compared to a gravermach that I tried that same day. Is the Classic much differnt from the Omega? The gravermach didn't seem to bleed as much air as the gravermax that I am borrowing. Also every time the compressor powers on it changes the power of the gravermax causing slips. I've read so much good press here about the Lindsay tools from stone setters, and gun style engravers, but hardly anything from brightcut silver engravers. I would so much appreciate some input from those of you experianced with these tools. I've been researching this stuff for a couple of years and thought I had it figured out, now
Thanks in advance
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