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Default Re: Western Bright Cut Tutorial

Originally Posted by Brian Hochstrat View Post
Some of you may have seen this before but I know many have not. Western Bright Cut is a good style to get familiar with. Obviously its synonomous with western silver, but it can also be applied to non western items. There are so many variations that you can make it look non-western. Many of the techniques used to achieve the western engraving can be converted to fine jewelry applications.

The plates show the step by step of the cutting sequences and the basic elements in a design (scrolls and flowers). All the work is done with Flats and liners.

Let me know if you have any questions. Brian


What are the dimensions of the scrolls and flowers in the two examples? My printer is making them about 2 1/2 in square, so I know that is not the correct scale.

When you sharpen your flats for the bright cuts you polish the Face and heel, but do you do anything to the sides of the flats ?

Finally, how do you make a step liner ?

Thanks in advance

Steve L.
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