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Default On-line old engraving books

Google has scanned thousands of out of print books that can be viewed and searched. I was looking through them last night and found some interesting ones.

That old "Art of Engraving" book that was printed before the Meeks book. (printing date 1904) is on-line. My great grandfather (My father's, mother's father) was a watchmaker/engraver and I attained a hand-me-down copy along with some other interesting books. He had written inside the front cover "Weaver Watch Co., Jewelers & Optometrist, Harvard, Nebraska, Kodaks & Supplies". This one is the 3rd edition. Google has both the 2nd and 3rd edition. The only difference I can tell is the 3rd edition has six more pages.

2nd edition The Art of Engraving
3rd edition The Art of Engraving

If you have some time, try searching on google books and see if more can be found. Here are a few more... some better than others.

A Guide to the Principal Gold and Silver Coins

Drawing and Engraving: A Brief Exposition of Technical Principles and Practice

The Best Portraits in Engraving

The Building of a Book: A Series of Practical Articles

The complete guide to the fine arts

The Wonders of Engraving

Winston's Cumulative Loose-leaf Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Book