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Default Re: Western Bright Cut Tutorial

I have been going to give a run threw of the cutting sequence but have not had the time the last few days to go any further.

Tools used-
45 flat with a rolled and highly polished heel
37 flat no heel
18-10 bent liner and rounded face
24-8 straight liner
Ok here goes-
1. cut the backbone, this one was wriggled with a 37 flat. You can also cut a solid backbone with a polished square or the corner of your bright cut graver.
Also, the first leaf cut is made,cut from thin to thick rolling the graver as you go, end the cut squarely, also note the gap between it and the backbone. Very important for later on, lining will go there.

2. The bright cut is made, again cutting from thin to thick follow the edge of the leaf cut, as you approach the end of the cut drop your hand and cut out of the cut, this will give you the rounded tip.

3. Next, outline the edge of the bright cut. This will crispen and define it.

4. Repeat the 3 step sequence as shown gradually shrinking the spacing as you work to the center.

5. These cuts are the closer cuts, they can be varied in shape like the first one is or be a simple C cut like the rest of the closer cuts are. Also the creasant cut is added to define the head of the scroll

6. Next, to the creasant, you will see two cuts that form the last leaf in the scroll

7. The liner used here is an 18-10, I start with one corner in the metal and then roll it flat as the leaf widens. The rounded face helps it cut smoother while rolling.

8. Line all the leaves, note where the liner starts on each leaf, clear back at the previous leaf, you want a long gradual flow.

9. Last cross hatch your leaves. done with the 24-8

I probably confused you more with the explanation, so if you have any questions let me know. If there is any interest, I can go through the flower cutting also.--Brian

Jerry-you are very funny, I am certain GRS has no interest in me .
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