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Default Re: coining (wasnt sure where this would go)


You may not need to use a large press if you strike it bit by bit. Steve Adams has made plate dies much larger than what you are considering and used a hammer to strike aluminum into the die. I know this is an explanation in a nutshell, but basically, the aluminum was taped and clamped over the die, a soft face plastic hammer was used to seat the metal and then a ball peen hammer was used to finish the job. It leaves a hammered finish on the reverse, but that can be fixed. He let me try it on a 6 inch square carousel horse die he has and it does work. I think you could adapt this method to what you want to do and you might not even need to harden the die, depending on how many pieces you planned on making.

Lei, You live in s'Hertogenbosch? I was stationed at Soesterberg Air Base and lived in Woerden and Utrecht back in the 80's. Lovely country, I miss Hertog Jan beer and Dowe Egbert's coffee.

Tot Ziens, Ya'll

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