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Default Stock Escutchion engraving

We were talking about hours, and charges and cutting script on another thread. I thought I would post these pics from a job a few weeks ago.

The first is the drawing for the client.

Next we scan it, flip it digitally, print, size and photocopy it, and then do an acetone transfer of the layout to the oval escutchion on the underside of the stock. On this stock the radius is very sharp, making it more difficult than the typical shotgun or double rifle job.

Because of this difficulty I used the parallel line method , rather than bright cuts, because each line is thinner, and less room for error. In Olde England they called this a "threaded cut" monogram.

The last pic is the finished job.

Two hours,$300.00 billable work, a happy client and engraver.

Barry Lee Hands
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