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Default Re: Does this house come with Gators?

Does anyone know if I can put sound on the forum, there is a racket going on every night outside.

I was surprised to hear it until 10 am this morning, they are usually asleep by then.

There is a real small gator and at least two big gators right around my house this morning.
They make a kind of croaking sound that gets deeper and louder the bigger that the gator grows.

I could hear them through the closed windows loud enough to tell they were real close.
I'm talking about within 50 - 75 feet of the house, it get's real loud outside when they are all croaking back and forth.

I'll keep an eye out for one out where I can get a picture, but I will be able to tape the sound of them much easier.
It's something to hear, and then I think about the fact we live in a residential area, right near two schools.

One Baptist Church school owns property right up to the water three lot south of us, kid's play in that field every day.

I may sound like some old fart in the nieborhood, but I'm going over there and tell someone about the gator activity in the canal these days.
If they think I'm nuts, so be it, at least I told someone to watch out for the kids.
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