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Default Re: Does this house come with Gators?

It seems as if you have been all over the 'Glades! I guess you are familiar with the Miami Canal and the pumping station at Twenty Mile Bend, where my son and I saw one of the biggest gators I have ever seen...period! We were paddling a 16' canoe just south of the pumping station and ran across what looked like a floating log with water hyancths all around it, complete with a few cattle egrets on it. We passed within about twenty feet of it, and that was when I noticed the eye humps. As you probably know, a good way to judge a gator's size is to estimate the distance from his eye protrusions to his nostrils in inches and that will roughly give you his length in feet. Well, this guys eye/snout distance was about the length of my forearm, about 18", meaning he was close to 18 feet long. I really doubt he was actually that big, but he sure looked it from my point of view. Almost immediately he submerged, just sank like a rock, and my son and I made eye contact, didn't say a word, but started paddling quickly out of there. We weren't sure if the gator was hungry or just disturbed, but we were not going to hang around and find out!

Also, I got an e-mail last week with pictures about a huge gator at Lake Istokpoga near Sebring. It showed aerial photos of him in the water with a full grown deer in his mouth and one with him getting ready to stash it under water. They later showed a picture of him hanging from a boom truck after being killed by the Game Warden and said he was 23' 6" long and weighed nearly 1000 pounds. My instincts tell me it is all probably fabricated, but I was wondering if you had seen it or heard about it. Lake Istokpoga fas some very good fishing but I didn't know it had gators like that there.
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