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Default Re: Does this house come with Gators?

I usually do keep a camera around, but you can never have it ready soon enough for these kind of pictures.

It happens so fast, it's like trying to take a picture of a "falling star". By the time you get the camera pointed in the right direction, it's gone.

I have picture of the Iguana, he and his mate live in the almond tree out back at night.
The male is about 9 feet long, most of it tail. The female is smalller, and there are a few that show up with him from time to time.

The Gators aren't very good at posing for pictures but if I can I'll get a shot of one, I will.
I saw a baby Gator about a foot long in the back yard by the water the other day, I've yet to see Mama.
This time of year I wear a .45 if I'm going out back after dark, just in case, at least the wife will hear the shots before I'm dragged under.

We have a boat ramp that makes it even easier for them to get out of the water, so I keep that in mind.

It's not like they look to run into humans so it is usually a mutual retreat when you run into one, they head one way, you head the other, if your smart.
But it will load up your shorts when you run into one over 8 feet, that's one time the wife will be able to smell you before she see's you.

God won't let you live in a place with this kind of beautiful weather and water without having to have something to keep the area from getting too crowded
What would keep everyone from moving to Florida? How about, mosquitos big enough to put a saddle on, with snakes and Gators, and to keep things from getting too boring, hurricanes.
Every place has something, snow, ice, tornadoes, earthquakes, desert's, it works.
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