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Default Re: Does this house come with Gators?

Sounds like gators could be a REAL hazard to the unsuspecting passerby. Around where I live in CT we are starting to have frequent bear sightings and a few home invasions by them. I encountered them a couple of times myself.

One was a cub that scrambled across a rural road about 50 ft in front of me while I was out for a cruise on my motorcycle. It was surprising how long its claws were for a small bear.

The other, I also saw on a very rural road. Was traveling uphill on very crumbled pavement and noticed a BIG black object in the distance. As I approached this rather large bear was curious but not concerned as I apprehensively cruised by. It just stood at the edge of the road looking at me on my motorcycle. If it had been inclined to attack, I probably would have been an easy victim as the road was too narrow to make a U turn and I was within about 20 ft of the bear. I would guess it weighed about 300 lbs.

I was in Florida some years back in the Longboat key area. The little lizards I saw everywhere were kind of cool....actually some were NOT too cool as they didn't seem to know enough to get out of the sun prior to frying to death!

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