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Default Re: Does this house come with Gators?

I lived in the Palm Beaches for 40 years and hunted the everglades in boats, swamp buggies and airboats and have seen my share of 'gators, both all peaceful like on a sunny day and in very aggressive moods during their breeding season. The bull 'gators are especially mean and will attack a human if he is in their territory. The old saying among the hunters was if you will be going after an alligator, the best bait is a small yipping dog, preferably a poodle! Of course any dog will do, but the yippers really bring the 'gators out! By the way, a 'gator's brain is about the size of a walnut, which makes them very hard to kill. I once shot one eleven times from about 4 feet off the back of a pickup truck, my boss shot him another nine times, which finally got him to spinning (a gator's death roll) and when he was still, it took four of us to load him into the truck. But, he wasn't through yet! As we were loading him, he started wiggling, making us drop him like a lead ballon, and we beat the mess out of his head with an iron pipe! He was nine feet nose to tail with the spread across the "horns" down his back at a little over 18 inches and his tail measured 34 inches in circumference at the base. We estimated he weighed around 350 pounds, but I'll tell you this, he was good! Most people think the tail is the best part, but the jowls are the prime meat on a 'gator. If any game wardens read this, I lied.
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