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Default Re: Carl Bleile - sharpening with templates & pictures

Originally Posted by Steve Lindsay View Post
Carl and I have been tweaking his templates. I've had a third set of prototypes cut and a few minutes ago I tried grinding gravers with the set. They are right on the button! Third time is a charm! I gave the go ahead to start a production run. The first batch should be ready to ship out early next week. I added them to the tool site overview page. They still need to be added to the sharpener page, but for now they can be ordered from the overview page

Thanks to Carl for help with his points and templates. I am honored he has provided his points this way and sharing his knowledge. Thanks again Carl!

Hi Steve,
Apologies to all.Steve as this batch has been tweaked (made better and improvised I presume) in relation the previous lots.To someone who already has the earlier batch what will the difference be ? And how can I do the same tweaking on my set? I have the full set of Carl B templates.

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