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Default Re: Carl Bleile - sharpening with templates & pictures

Thanks guys
airamp,jlseymour,Chapi,Peter, glad I could help, if there is anything I could do to make things clearer let me know.
Chris, I was rubbing on a bench stone at 260 s.p.m.(grinding first) for years and couldn't see power hones and fixtures saveing time, the Lindsay templates are stright forward and get it done. AS for my shop it is always neet and clean you were just in there on a bad day.
Tim,I'm an old time cutter and did all my sharpening by hand,I have never used an adjustable fixture so I don't know the angles, I ground them as usual and sent them to Steve he figured out the templates, I do know the V is 50 degrees.
Mack, I wouldn't be surprised if you made a fixture with wheels,head light and turn signals.
Rod,I don't like wasting time grinding tools, and you are right about the milling machine, I'm just to lazy to clean it up every time.
Roger, didn't I tell dad you did it
Carl Bleile
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