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Default Re: Mike's Turorial Submission

I am Out Of Words,:willy_nilly: If I Make A Mistake Typing, please Bear with Me.!!
I Have Been in a State off Don't Try It, That Is Inlay, My Good Friend Jacques told me to go for it!! But I Didn't Know How To Cut Out The Groove.
This has Made My Trying Out, to Inlay a Better Prospective, I made Some Chissle points from steve's sq blanks,
I Notice that You Undercut, (is That The right discription ?) at a 90 deg, angnle to Your Groove,? Not Running the Chissle in line with the groove?
What A Great Tutorial for Us Out of Town or Country Guyes.

"If you are patient in one Moment of Anger,
You will Escape a hundred Days of Sorrow."
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