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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

The Speitzer is just another instrument in the engraver's collection of creative tools. There are no great secrets and no great discoveries to make here. If you grind a Speitzer thin and narrow, it will cut hair lines, and if you grind it fat and wide it will cut deep and bright.

If you make it pointed it will bring detail and shadow to life, and if you make the point rounded it will scoop out steel with a flair for the dramatic. If you lean it left as you cut it will create a left bright, but if you lean it right you'll see an opposing reflection....and when all these techniques are Masterfully combined you might even create something new that you can personally title. It might even be something to showcase here to dazzle all the other curious fellows seeking inspiration and support on these bright screens.

The answers are found in years of practice that virtually no other engraver or forum can give you. Those things are left to the individual to develop during the incalculable number of hours you must spend at the bench to wed skills and tools into art.

I’m just passing a notion of graver geometry and history that transcends me, FEGA and Frank Hendricks. It’s geometry that works. We can whisk away valuable time being engravers or groupies, the difference might be in the base knowledge of the tools that we can learn about from others, and the wearisome hours we spend learning how those tools might be used creatively.
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