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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

I thought the mystery would not end with such haste. From drama to historical documentary, we didn't even have time to introduce a hero much less romantic entanglement. Still the magician with sleight of hand and mysterious incantation conceals what use the round template makes.

I believe the graver finds its greatest use as a 'bright cut' or 'carving, shaping' type graver, it looks like it would leave a hollow much like Barry Lee Hands work here from the first post of his recent thread Carved Lee Helgeland Winchester Model 70 458 Magnum by Barry Lee Hands , is that its strong point? I am very interested in reproducing this type of work. When I examined the photo I thought he used a round much like what Les has presented and an onglette, the Speitzer are very much along the same lines as his wouldn't you say? I am however truly left in the dark with the round bottomed heel on a pointed graver, it has me baffled, will it round the point enough to make a round bottom?

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